Kaohsiung City Skyline

2014 Photography Review

I’ve spent the last few days looking over my photos from the last 12 months and picking out my favourites. I changed a lot as a photographer this year and photography in general has changed me as a person – I’ve seen a lot of things that I might not have seen without the motivation of capturing images with my camera.

The aim of selecting these photos was to both give me motivation for next year, and to help me develop more by understanding what I have enjoyed capturing, and what has resulted in the best pictures.

The first photograph (above) is of the Kaohsiung City skyline, the city that has been my home for the last eight years, and where most of my photos are taken.
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Delivering Street Portraits on Christmas Day

My original plan was to go out and do some street photography on Christmas morning. Christmas isn’t a holiday in Taiwan so everyone was in work and I had the morning to myself. The weather was raining on and off, though, and I didn’t like to idea of the scooter ride to the place I had planned to go, so instead I decided to deliver some of the street portraits I had recently printed out.

I don’t often do street portraits, or I don’t plan to, the conditions have to be perfect – most importantly I have to be in the right mood to actually ask someone if I can take their photo, and then have the chat that usually follows. I don’t mind chatting, but a lot of the time I want to keep to myself and thoughts when out with the camera.