The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival 2015

Event: The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival
Location: Pier 2 Art Centre
Dates: Jan 16th ~ Mar 15th 2015
Cost: NT$149 Entry fee

The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival is an art show that runs every year at the Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung. It’s an art show all about Chinese characters, their form, history, usage, and pronunciation. Artists create displays that make you think about all of these aspects of Chinese characters.


Gin and Bananas in Qiaotou

Location: Qiaotou Sugar Refinery Station, Kaohsiung.

I thought that the area by the Qiaotou Sugar Refinery station would be empty on a Friday afternoon – everyone at work or in school. When I arrived, though, there were groups of students rushing to and fro with cameras, then I noticed a sign advertising the “Golden Sugarcane Film Festival”, a competition to make a short film about the area. It seemed my quiet Friday afternoon photowalk might not be so quiet after all.