Alley Cats

Alley Cats

Location: Yancheng Market (lanes/alleys that run parallel to Cisian Road), Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I recently bought a second hand bicycle. I can’t believe I’ve been in Taiwan for almost 9 years and only just bought one. It’s probably the thought of riding in the tropical heat that had put me off.

Second hand bicycle

Exercise was my main reason for buying it, but also for going out on photography “walks”. With a bicycle it’s easy to move quickly, but not lose touch with the city like you do when on a scooter. Bikes are perfect for nipping down alleys and small side streets, and places that you might not be able to go on a scooter.

Scooters are also noisy, and alert people to your presence. Take the alley cats photo, above. If I were on a scooter then the cats would have been easily scared away before I got anywhere near them.

So that’s my plan – cycle to the far corners and otherwise unseen places in Kaohsiung… while getting baked in the tropical sun.

Kaohsiung City Block

Apartment Blocks

There’s something really interesting about these massive blocks of concrete. They’re common place here in Taiwan, so much so that you don’t see them after a while, they hide themselves in plain sight. I think it’s the concentration of lives in such a small area that fascinates me. Everyone in their own world, but occupying the same small area.
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