China Steel Headquarters Building

Location: China Steel Headquarters, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The China Steel headquarters building is one of the more interesting buildings in Kaohsiung. Not only is it a unique shape, described on the Wikipedia entry as a “multi-faceted image with geometric 3D facade”, but on the weekend the sides of the building show an animated light show.

The recent opening of the new Kaohsiung Main Library with its open roof area has provided some more photo opportunities of the surrounding area, which includes the China Steel building.

This area of the city is must visit for tourists and photographers and is also the location of the Kaohsiung Software Technology park, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre, Singuang Park, the Kaohsiung 85, and should also be the location of a stop along the light rail system that is being developed for the city.

Here’s a video that shows the light show in action:

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