Minxiong Haunted House

Location: Minxiong Haunted House (民雄鬼屋), Chiayi County, Taiwan

North of Chiayi city, in a small town called Minxiong, there’s an old abandoned mansion that’s well known in the area as a haunted house. The house, also known as the Liu Family Mansion, has been empty since the Japanese occupation of Taiwan and is now slowly being reclaimed by the jungle.

There are numerous stories about why the place is haunted. The main story seems to revolve around a group of Japanese soldiers who stayed there one night and for some unknown reason massacred each other. After the war a group of Taiwanese soldiers also mysteriously became ill and died after staying at the house. Another story tells of a servant girl from the house committing suicide by jumping down the well after her affair with the master of the house was discovered.


There’s a coffee shop right next to the grounds called ‘Haunted House Coffee’. I don’t think the coffee shop has anything to do with the mansion and was probably opened to cash in on the tourists. Don’t expect anything special, the coffee and waffles weren’t very nice.


The entrance to the haunted mansion grounds is through a gate right next to the coffee shop. The purple robot helps lighten the mood before a short walk along an overgrown path to the the house.


The 3 story mansion is completely hollow. All of the floors have collapsed and from inside the house you can see right up to what is left of the roof.



The most striking feature is how the trees are engulfing the house. Trees are growing through the house and slowly encasing it. Tree roots coat the walls as if they are squeezing it to death.



The building is collapsing and the floor is littered with bricks and parts of the structure that have fallen off. It might not be long before it completely falls in on itself.


In the middle of the day with the blazing hot Taiwanese sun, and accompanied by groups of tourists, the house wasn’t scary at all. Though I’m sure in the middle of the night it’s very creepy.


From the fields at the back of the house the full extent of the tree infestation can be seen. The house is covered by a dome of trees.

The well where the servant girl supposedly committed suicide is at the front of the house. It’s been filled in with bricks now, and so only a few feet deep.


I stayed long enough so I could get photos of the building without people present. Groups of people seemed to come in waves and didn’t stay for long.


I’m actually surprised the place is so popular, as in my experience Taiwanese are extremely superstitious and afraid of ghosts. I was warned before going that a ghost might follow me home and cause me years of bad luck eventually making me go insane. Not being superstitious I didn’t let this deter me. Check back in a few years to see if I’m insane or not.

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