The Kaohsiung Skyline on a Cloudy Sunday Morning

Monochrome Sunday

The Kaohsiung skyline on a cloudy Sunday morning. I took the ferry over to Cijin, the island just off the coast. The fishing boat in the photo above zipped past the ferry and beat us to the other side.

I spent most of my time in the market that’s a short walk from the ferry terminal, and the streets to the north of the island. I not sure if it’s my mood recently, or just the way the light was today, but I’m really enjoying the black and white processing on most of these images – unless there was some really bold colour, or the colour did something extra for the picture, I got rid of it.

One of my favourites from today, even if the focus is slightly off

I’m also a bit rusty on the controls. I’ve not been out regularly with the camera since early July. As you can see I missed the focus slightly on this photo. But I liked it so much that I kept it. It really reminds of of a scene from a 50’s noir movie. Maybe the guy is plotting some scheme, and not just selling market snacks.


Fresh noodles come off the production line. Very interesting to watch.


The market backs on to the docks. So the freshly caught fish are brought in here and then prepared and sold. If you like fish I imagine it doesn’t come any fresher.


Two guys play a game of Four Colour Cards while they wait for their washing to dry.



Finally, some colour. The gnarled tree looked great in front this traditional house.

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