Sixty Years Experience

Sixty Years Experience

Close to where I live in Taiwan there’s a wet market surrounded by small shops, all enclosed under a roof and hidden in the middle of a city block – You’ll know the type, if you’ve ever been to Taiwan. A couple of weeks ago while I was passing through I noticed this clothing repair and alterations shop.

There was a window opening into the alley so I stopped on my bike and took a few pictures through the window. I wanted to catch the woman working at her sewing machine, but while I was taking the photos she turned around and gave me a big smile. I made some small talk which allowed me to take the photo and she told me that she’d been in the business for 60 years. I joked that with that much experience the next time I need some clothes altering or repairing I’ll definitely bring them to her.

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I'm a web developer and photographer from the UK living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I shoot with a Canon 650D and a Ricoh GR.

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