Abandoned Taiwan Cement Factory

Abandoned Cement Factory – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Location: Taiwan Cement, Gushan District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Taiwan cement factory sits tucked in against Monkey Mountain, in Kaohsiung’s Gushan District. For years half of the factory was left abandoned and each time I went hiking on the mountain the urban explorer in me was more and more intrigued to take photos there. I finally got around to going there in February 2014 and took this set of photos.

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The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival 2015

Event: The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival
Location: Pier 2 Art Centre
Dates: Jan 16th ~ Mar 15th 2015
Cost: NT$149 Entry fee

The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival is an art show that runs every year at the Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung. It’s an art show all about Chinese characters, their form, history, usage, and pronunciation. Artists create displays that make you think about all of these aspects of Chinese characters.


Fengshan HuangPu Villages

Location: Weiwu Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung 830

Located in Kaohsiung’s FengShan district, HuangPu New Village is a military dependents’ village that was built towards the end of the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. After the end of the war it was handed over to the Kuomintang military and is now regarded as ‘Taiwan’s first military dependent’s village’. While the village has significant cultural and historical value, the way in which the village will be preserved is still unclear.