Cobbler and his Tools

A Cobbler and his Tools

He was just finishing up a job and packing some things away into his bag when I cycled past. His table cluttered with the tools he’d probably been using all day.

I said “hello” and took a few photos before switching angles to try and get all of the table in. In the photo he stopped for a second while packing his bag, possibly wondering if he’d remembered to grab everything he needed.

I think I’ll make this into a new series – people and their tools. There are so many cobblers, seamstresses, watch repair shops, and any other trade you can think of scattered throughout the city.

Watch Repair

The watch repair shop at Neiwei Flea Market in Kaohsiung. He was so focused on what he was doing, never looking up from the job at hand, that I don’t think he even noticed I was there.