The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival 2015

Event: The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival
Location: Pier 2 Art Centre
Dates: Jan 16th ~ Mar 15th 2015
Cost: NT$149 Entry fee

The Delight of Chinese Characters Festival is an art show that runs every year at the Pier 2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung. It’s an art show all about Chinese characters, their form, history, usage, and pronunciation. Artists create displays that make you think about all of these aspects of Chinese characters.

This year a large amount of the art was to do with light. One display shone lights through characters to project their shadow against the wall.


Another reflected distorted Chinese characters into a cylinder where they could be read clearly.


This simple cardboard cutout of the word for ‘nothing’ 無 is enhanced by shadows.


One of my favourite was this mechanical flip-clock-like display.


The creative characters from a road safety campaign were also displayed. Can you see which characters they represent? (I only got the middle one correct).


Just Font also had a display there showcasing their handwritten font.


There was a video projected against there wall that showed how it was created. The video below isn’t the same one from the show, but still shows their process:

One artist had created impressions of factory logos. He snuck to the factory gates in the night, overlaying the signs with paper, and then inked over the top to create the impression. He even recorded himself making the impressions, though you’ll have to go to the show to see that video.


At the end of the show was a huge display of posters and artwork related to Taiwan and Chinese characters, there were dozens to see.



Lastly there was a room full of examples of Chinese characters used in signs around Taiwan.


If you visit the show, take your time and enjoy each of the displays. There are students there who explain each of the exhibits to you as you walk around. It’s not huge, but there is lots to see, and a lot more than I have covered here.

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