The Foothills of Neishitou Mountain

Location: Foothills of Neishitou Mountain, Fangshan, Pingtung, Taiwan

Sometimes it’s good to get lost for a few hours, which is what I did during this trip to the southern coast of Taiwan.

There’s a place called Magic Cafe on the way to Kenting. It’s just off Highway 1, and the beautiful sea view makes a nice break from driving, but the hilly farmland behind is somewhere you’d usually not look twice at. This time during our visit, though, I decided to take a look over the road and hike some of the hills at the base of the mountain.


There’s a small road that leads off highway 1. I passed through a small tunnel under the overhead railway tracks and then it was all farmland.


Mango trees as far as the eye can see.


A farmer had just arrived to tend to his trees.


Most of the mangoes are wrapped in these bags to protect them. I think each farmer has their own number. I spoke to one of the farmers further down the road and he told me that there’s still about two months before they’ll be ripe. He said he sells most of his crop in Taipei.


Following along the path I came to a dried up river (七里溪). Taiwan is currently experiencing a drought, but this river didn’t look like it had seen water for years. The river runs along the middle of a valley, with big hills either side.


I tried a few of the paths looking for a way up to the hills, but didn’t have much luck.


In the end I followed the river bank all the way round, through what might have been a private road, and eventually found a path up the hill. I went as far as I could before the trees and bushes became too thick to pass. I didn’t get the view of the ocean that I wanted, but I was rewarded with this view down into the valley.


After coming down from the hills I crossed over to the other side of the river. The road splits off and heads right into the mountains. I walked for about 20 minutes before heading back. I’d love to go back sometime in the future and follow the road into the mountains. From what I can see on Google Maps it looks like there’s a road/path all the way to the other side.

Here’s some more photos of the area:


A makeshift ladder leading down into the dry riverbed.


A bridge across the river. There was a no-entry sign on the bridge, so I assume the other side was private land.

Farmers zip up and down the paths on quads.


The smoke from a wood fire in a nearby garden created some beautiful light beams from the setting sun.


Before leaving I managed to find a way up to the railway tracks to get a photo of the coastline.

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